Blog - From indoors to outdoors with the Kalanchoe Garden collection

From indoors to outdoors with the Kalanchoe Garden collection

All of a sudden, it’s here: spring has really sprung! The days and even the nights are getting warmer again. Outdoors can now be experienced as indoors – and that also goes for your Kalanchoe!

Kalanchoes can be used in so many ways. Indoors and outdoors, they thrive in either environment. But they produce even more flowers outdoors. As a flowering succulent, they love both sun and shade. Just another reason for every plant lover to love them!

No more night frost? Take your Kalanchoë outside!

We have good news, because it’s that time of year again! We always point out that it’s safest to start placing your Kalanchoe outdoors on your patio or balcony after mid-May. After all, this is when there’s no risk of a ground frost and daytime temperatures no longer dip below 10 degrees Celsius. This mean that you can enjoy these low-maintenance flowering plants from about the middle of May until long into September. Then you can bring them back indoors where they can steal the show as a houseplant.

The Kalanchoe Garden collection is now available at well stocked garden centres, better florists, home improvement centres and supermarkets. In addition to the familiar names in the Kalanchoe Garden collection such as the Gardenlina and Calanday varieties, the collection has been expanded this season to include the Kalanchoe Garden Carnaval varieties that add more colours to create an even bigger burst of colour.

The easiest and most versatile plant ever

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: the Kalanchoe is a real easy-care plant. It requires little water, can easily tolerate bright summer sunshine, and you don’t even have to remove spent flowers. The Kalanchoe can be planted in either a pretty flower pot or right into the garden. What could be better?

Whether you put them in a flower pot or into the garden soil, be sure to mix and match them with other garden plants. This will show them off even better. Plus: other less visually spectacular plants will be brightened up by the lavish display provided by this robust flowering succulent. The result? Glorious!

Enough reasons to get to know the easiest and most multifaceted little plant ever! And something else: the varieties in the Kalanchoe Gardens collection also make a great gift to give or receive! For everyone who could use some colour on their patio or balcony 😉.