Always Colourful

The Kalanchoe is a strong, long-flowering houseplant for indoors and a pot plant for outside. We also call it the succulent with flowers. The colours of Kalanchoe are dazzling and diverse, the varieties are versatile. It is not without reason that, every season, we ask 'what is your favourite colour'. Thanks to the fact that the Kalanchoe flowers for weeks, you can cheer up your home at any time of the year with a Kalanchoe of your favourite colour that always makes your home more colourful.

What's your favorite colour?

You can also find this succulent in your favourite colour at the florist or garden centres that often have a more extensive range. Will you choose a mono colour or a variety with colours that blend into each other nicely? The indoor trend: mix and match different colours, shapes and sizes of Kalanchoes with other green or flowering houseplants. Group them together by colour or combine different varieties to your heart's content. Because the Kalanchoe has no specific care needs or always need sunlight, you can put it in almost any room of your home where it will add weeks of radiant colour.

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