Find your 'happy colour'!

Feeling stressed at work? Just find your ‘happy colour’… says Karen Haller, the UK’s leading Colour Psychology Expert Mental Health Awareness Week (14th-20th May 2018).

“With 49% of workplace sick days due to stress, there’s no time for grey days when it comes to positive mental health at work…"

“Colour defines how we are feeling, how we want to feel, and how we want people to interact with us. But we’re only 20% conscious of the colour choices we make. We’ve forgotten how to use colour with purpose."

“At work, with deadlines to meet and difficult tasks to face, giving conscious thought to colour is vital – if you surround yourself with the colours you love, you will instantly feel positive and energised."

“Colourful plants are an easy way to inject colour into your workspace. Not only are plants great stress-busters - they have been proven to reduce sick days, increase productivity and enhance creativity - but the right colours can help you feel calmer and happier."

“Whether it’s purple to calm your nerves ahead of a meeting, or white to declutter your mind when faced with a complex task, plants are great way to stimulate happiness and positivity at the right moments. Plus, they are affordable, so you can pick and choose colours depending on your mood or your schedule!"

“Flowering succulents such as Kalanchoes are a great choice – not only do they come in a huge array of colours, but they are easy to care for, undemanding, and will bloom for 10 weeks with minimal watering, perfect for busy work lives.”

What colour works?

Karen Haller’s top tips to feeling positive and happy at work: 

Yellow is a welcoming colour - a cheery smile - so yellow plants will instantly brighten your mood
Purple is not only the colour of the year, but is great for quiet contemplation and reflection, to help create that ‘moment of calm’ ahead of an important meeting or interview
Red is the colour equivalent of an espresso shot - it will give you an instant energy boost to help meet a deadline or give you the stamina to make a difficult client call
Orange elicits fun and playfulness, to help you feel light-hearted and upbeat
Soft pink is a nurturing, compassionate colour, perfect for consoling a colleague who has had a rough day
Magenta pink is feisty at heart - the perfect colour for challenging the status quo or showing you’re no push over
White elicits clarity, so having a white plant on a desk or in a home office can help to declutter the mind and think clearly

Karen Haller is in collaboration with Always Kalanchoe