Varieties and Colours

The single-flowering Kalanchoë, with a single ring of petals, is the original form. A grouping of Kalanchoës in various colours makes a beautiful display, but a large planter filled with many in the same colour is simply enchanting. For a modern impression, use glass pots, coloured planters or pots with the look of concrete. If your taste is more traditional, take a look at our inspiring examples.

Multiple flowering
Kalanchoës with rose-shaped flower heads are called double-flowering. These varieties have more than one ring of petals. And there are so many ways to use them! Just combine and vary simple materials, vases, pots and planters according to your own personal taste. For examples, click on the pictures below.

Inspiration for the bell-shaped Kalanchoë This newly developed designer variety bears clusters of pale green lantern-like flowers dangling at the ends of their flower stems. There are also Bell varieties with orange-red and pink flowers that will do well outside as well. The Bell varieties provide a tranquil effect and are intriguing, too – definitely a plant for endless enjoyment!

Kalanchoë Garden
If you like balancing your indoor and outdoor life, you’ll like the Kalanchoë. It brightens up anywhere you put it in indoors and makes any place outdoors just as inviting (maybe even more so). As soon as the danger of frost is past, have them outside, too, for twice as much enjoyment.

Cut Kalanchoë
New is Kalanchoë as cut flower. A beautiful colourful addition to many types of bouquets.