Blog - Kalanchoe: flowering garden plant that requires minimal care

Kalanchoe: flowering garden plant that requires minimal care

If this summer is just as sunny, warm and dry is the summer of 2018, the Kalanchoe Garden collection offers a solution. It’s the summer flowering plant that needs minimal care! The secret lies in its thick, sturdy leaves that hold a water supply.


This makes this colourful succulent particularly easy to care for. You only need to water it once a week during extremely hot and dry periods, while other summer flowering plants need water every day. So, feel free to put the Kalanchoes outside and enjoy a carefree summer full of flashes of colour!

Spiced Honey

The secret of a well styled terrace lies in basic colours. If you keep these subdued, for example with concrete grey and white, you can add colour accents. For example, you can choose Spiced Honey, a warm shade of amber. This colour of the year for 2019 is excellent when combined with yellow, orange, pink or red Kalanchoes for example. Spread several pots or trays across the terrace at different levels. This height effect allows you to create more depth on the terrace. So, put the plants on the ground or on stools but also check out hanging them a decoration ladder.

Healthy bonus

When the Kalanchoe has finished flowering, just give it a new destination as a green indoor plant. Remove the old flowers and put the plant in the bedroom for example. The green leaf provides a healthy bonus! Unlike most indoor plants, the Kalanchoe produces oxygen during the night (through the process of photosynthesis). This is ideal, because scientific studies show that extra oxygen promotes a deeper sleep and a more well-rested feeling.

Terrace tip 

Kalanchoes combine beautifully with green plants such as ivy and decorative grasses. 

Kalanchoe Garden is available from mid-May until late September from garden centres, florists, the supermarket and online. For all care tips for outside plants, click here.