Blog - Kalanchoë for the ultimate spring feeling

Kalanchoë for the ultimate spring feeling

Yes indeed, the days are getting longer and brighter. Finally! With the first sun rays, of course we want to go outside right away to experience the spring and get the necessary vitamin D. And what could be nicer than being able to do this on your own balcony?

With spring in mind, there is often a need to make your life lighter and to provide it with more colour. Think of a fresh spring cleaning, or tidying up your wardrobe; the winter materials and colours give way to the light and colourful. So it’s time to brighten up your balcony and make it completely “spring-proof”. And let the cheerful Kalanchoë lend itself perfectly to that!

New favourites

Kalanchoë is a strong succulent plant with colourful flowers and exists in different varieties. We would like to introduce the newest variant:

The Tiger (Slijkerman) is the tough sister beneath the Kalanchoë and is characterised by contrasting flowers with beautiful drawings. The appearance of this flower matches the powerful appearance of the tiger, to which it owes its name. Did you know? The Tiger opens and closes its flowers following a rhythm of day and night. It’s always great to see!

Vilosa has four new eye-catchers for your balcony, each with a different style. Whether you go for a romantic balcony or you prefer to keep it minimalist.

Femini Pink is a special Kalanchoë with serrated leaves with a dark purple edge and a waterfall of pink flowers.

Sunny White is completely filled with green-white-coloured flowers that bloom in a special way. With its narrow serrated leaves, this trendy plant fits on every balcony.

Desert Surprise has a tough look and minimalist flowers. Its leaves have an animal pattern and with their “wild life” appearance, they are completely of this time.

Dolly and her almost pinkish-green bell-like petals give colour to the balcony. With its downwards-hanging and lush flowers, wide-growing branches, Dolly shows its headstrong style!

Also for non-green fingered people

Kalanchoë is the perfect plant. In addition to being colourful and cheerful, this plant is also suitable for less green-fingered people; a real EasyCare plant that requires little maintenance. It can have both shade and full sun. In addition, it can withstand a little drought because it is a succulent. It needs little care and gives many flowers for weeks. That makes it the ideal terrace plant, which you can also leave behind with confidence during the holidays.

Maximum enjoyment due to the long flowering time

In addition to ease of maintenance, this fine plant also has a long flowering time, of up to 9 to 10 weeks. This means enjoying your attractive balcony in bloom for an extra long period.

Even when the flowers have finished flowering, you can still enjoy your Kalanchoë in the form of a green houseplant. Remove the old flowers and put the plant in the bedroom, for example. The green leaves provide a healthy bonus! Unlike most house plants, the Kalanchoë produces oxygen during the night hours (through the process of photosynthesis). This is Ideal, because scientific studies show that extra oxygen promotes deeper sleep and results in a better feeling of well-being.

Mix and match

This succulent plant with colourful flowers is easy to mix and match with all kinds of garden plants and is great to combine with green plants such as ivy and ornamental grasses. Be especially inspired by the brighter days, usually the moment when the need to add colour to your life is sparked. Make something beautiful and colourful out of it!