Blog - Working from home when spring fever strikes

Working from home when spring fever strikes

OK, we’ve already talked about how cases of spring fever are reminding us that it’s high time to dress up our balcony or patio with colourful plants. But now that so many of us are working from home, maybe it’s also time to think about using plants to pretty up our home workplace. After all, the strict measures taken to make us stay home mean that we’re spending almost all our time here. So why not make it a pleasant spot that motivates us to keep chugging along?

Research has proven it’s true

We all know that having plants behind your laptop makes your workstation a lot more inviting and nicer to look at, but that’s not all! Research conducted by Wageningen University has demonstrated the following positive effects of having plants in your workspace:

Natural climate regulators

Having many plants around has a beneficial effect on the humidity in a room, and plants will even help cool a workspace in the summer. Nice, right? It’s also been shown that people in a room with plants don’t easily feel too warm or too cool. Just think how this would cut down on all that complaining from everyone else in your household. (Something that would also make your home a happier place!)

Happier and more productive

And another thing: plants have a big impact on your mood while you’re working from home. After installing plants, employees report being in a better mood and even fretting less outside of office hours. And they’re more satisfied with how well they’re working and are more productive.

The perfect easy-care plant for your home workplace

How many plants do you have in the room where you normally work? And what about your current ‘considering-the-circumstances’ workplace? Probably not enough, but why not treat yourself better? One of the most commonly stated reasons for not having plants (or maybe worse – using artificial ones) is their perceived need for care. Kalanchoes to the rescue!

These sturdy flowering succulents are available in several varieties and colours and are perfect for cheering up any room. Another big plus: they’re real easy-care plants. Being such low-maintenance plants means they’re ideal for when you’re so busy working from home. After all, your work should be your first priority. 😉

Time for a change

Enough reasons to purchase some of these pretty plants, right? Go greener!