In all shapes, sizes and colours

Kalanchoës are succulents, i.e. plants with fleshy leaves or stems, usually with succulent thick leaves. Kalanchoës come in various flower colours (purple, pink, white, light pink, red, orange and yellow) and many varieties. Kalanchoës are also available with different types of flowers.

Guaranteed flowering! What plant has that? Kalanchoës are guaranteed to let you enjoy their beautiful flowers, which are a stunning contrast to the beautiful dark green leaves, for a long time to come. The Kalanchoë Garden will flower outside for at least 100 days. Read more about the guaranteed flowering time here.

The easiest plant to grow! Because Kalanchoë is a succulent, it’s very easy to maintain, making it an Easy Care plant. Some varieties can even be used as terrace plants or as garden plants in summer. Ask for a Kalanchoë Garden at your garden centre or florist.

Single flowered

The original type of Kalanchoë


Recognisable by several layers of petals


The design variety within the Kalanchoë family