The Kalanchoe is the easiest of plants to care for; hence it is called an Easy Care plant. Even though you may not have a green thumb, or if most of your plants tend to die, a Kalanchoe works for everyone. A little water, a little sun, and a nice spot, that’s all it needs. Our tip: put a reminder in your smartphone so can give it a small amount of water every week. It will reward you by flowering for over 10 weeks!

How will you get maximum enjoyment out of your Kalanchoe in your home? Read our care tips and you will get months of pleasure from these strong, versatile and colourful long-flowering plants. bloomers.

Care tips

Did you know that most plants in Western-Europe households die due to drowning? What a shame, right? You will notice that a Kalanchoe gives much and asks for little and by this, we mean really a little water only. It is a strong plant that is easily very satisfied if you provide it with a little care. Inside as an indoor plant and outside as a pot plant it differs slightly in the care it needs; we will explain care instructions for these flowering succulents for both locations.

How can you best enjoy your Kalanchoe inside? Read through our care tips for months of enjoyment of these versatile and colourful long-flowering plants.

Care Kalanchoe