Average flowering time

of 100 days

Kalanchoës can be placed outside from May until late in the autumn. As long as there’s no more (night) frost. And… what’s more, the growers of Kalanchoë Garden offer an average flowering time of 100 days!

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Flowering time

All Kalanchoë Garden plants from our affiliated growers will flower for 100 days or more under the most diverse outdoor conditions! Enough reason to use this easy and affordable plant outdoors from mid-May until late in autumn.

Independent research

Extensive independent research, called flowering tests, have shown that all Kalanchoë Garden bloom an average of 100 days outdoors. Whether it’s sunny and warm or wetter weather, the Kalanchoë is a rock-solid plant for the balconies, terraces or conservatories.

" Guaranteed 100 days of enjoyment "