Frequently asked questions


Answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found here. If the answer to your question isn’t included, please contact us.

How long does a Kalanchoë flower?

For a very long time. Periods of seven to eight weeks are no exception!

When are Kalanchoës available?

For a very long time. Periods of seven to eight weeks are no exception!

Does a Kalanchoë fit into an arrangement?

Oh yes, it fits wonderfully! Talk to the salesperson at the garden centre or your florist about the possible combinations. They can also help you with ornamental pots, decorative materials and handy tips. Coloured Kalanchoës contrast beautifully with green plants and leaves.

Can you put a Kalanchoë in a hanging pot?

No problem at all. On the contrary, Kalanchoës look very nice in a hanging pot. As long as they have a light spot and the soil remains moderately moist. Something different after all!

Can I combine Kalanchoës?

Definitely. They do well with Kalanchoës in other colours, and also with other plants. You can create an even better look by putting them in creative containers or tubs (at your garden centre or florist’s) and make a nice arrangement of them on your terrace or in the garden.

Are Kalanchoës edible?

They’re beautiful and cheerful, but not suitable for consumption.

How many varieties are there?

There are more than 50 varieties of single-flowered Kalanchoës and more than 40 varieties of double-flowered Kalanchoës. New varieties are added regularly. There are also various types of Leafy Kalanchoës and Bell types.

What is the difference between single- and double-flowered Kalanchoës?

Single flowered Kalanchoës have one layer of petals, while double flowered Kalanchoës have two or more layers of petals.

How should I care for a Kalanchoë?

Place it in a moderate to light spot, give it a splash of water every week in summer, every fortnight in winter, and add a little fertiliser once a week while it’s growing. Don’t remove spent flowers. In summer the plant can be placed outside. Bring it inside before the night frost sets in.

Can I grow a Kalanchoë myself?

Unfortunately, this is a bit difficult. It needs a dark period before it can bloom.

Can Kalanchoës also go outside?

Kalanchoës can certainly go outside, but not too soon. Wait until after mid-May and cover the Kalanchoë at night. Bring it inside before the night frost sets in!

How long can Kalanchoës last in a living room?

Kalanchoës are available all year round and can be kept in the living room all year round. They’ll flower for 6-8 weeks in a living room. But they like it much better outdoors in the summer. You can see that, because they flower more abundantly outside and give you even more joy.

Are Kalanchoës cultivated in an environmentally-friendly way?

Yes, they are. Dutch and Belgian Kalanchoë growers purify and recycle their water and only use responsible crop protection agents and nutrition. Most growers comply with the MPS-A standards. This is the highest standard and stands for environmentally-responsible cultivation.

Where does Kalanchoë originally come from?

Kalanchoës originate from Africa (Madagascar) and Asia.