Frequently Asked Questions

When are Kalanchoës available?

All year round.

Does a Kalanchoë do well in a flower arrangement?

Brilliantly. Ask your garden centre or florist about all the possible combinations. They can also help you with decorative pots and material as well as some handy tips for your arrangement. Coloured Kalanchoës provide a stunning contrast with green plants and foliage.

Can you also put a Kalanchoë in a hanging basket?

Yes indeed, it looks especially pretty when several Kalanchoës with different colours are mixed together in one pot. They just need a sunny spot and the soil needs to be kept moist.

Can I combine Kalanchoës with other plants?

Absolutely. You can mix different coloured Kalanchoës together or you can mix them with other plants. It is even more stunning when a Kalanchoë is placed in a creative arrangement, in a pot or other container (such as at the florists or garden centre) and placed on your terrace or in the garden.

Are Kalanchoës edible?

They are beautiful and cheery, but not edible.

What is the difference between the single flowering and multiple flowering varieties?

Single flowering varieties have a single layer of petals and multiple flowering varieties have two or more layers of petals.

How do I look after my Kalanchoë?

Place you Kalanchoë in a relatively sunny spot, give it a drop of water once a week in summer and once every two weeks in winter. Give your plant a little plant food each week during its growing period. Do not remove the spent flowers. In the summer your plant can be moved outside, but bring it in before the first frosts.

Can I propagate a Kalanchoë myself?

Unfortunately, this is quite tricky, in order to get it to flower it needs to be kept for a certain amount of time in darkness.

Can I keep a Kalanchoë outside?

You can certainly keep your Kalanchoë outside but not too early in the year. Wait until about mid-May and cover it at night for the first few nights to harden it off. Bring it inside before the first night frosts.

How long can I keep a Kalanchoë indoors?

Kalanchoës are available all year round and can survive indoors the whole year. They flower for between 6 and 8 weeks indoors. However, they also like to be placed outside in summer, and this is easy to see as they will flower more abundantly and give you even more pleasure.

Are Kalanchoës cultivated in an environmentally friendly way?

Certainly. The Dutch and Belgian Kalanchoë growers purify and recycle their water and use only responsible methods for pest control and feeding. Most growers fulfill MPS-A norms. This is the highest standard and guarantees an environmentally friendly cultivation.

Where does the Kalanchoë come from originally?

The Kalanchoë comes originally from Africa (Madagascar) and Asia.