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Independent research


The average 100 days of flowering for Kalanchoe Garden has been proven by independent researchers in 2022 and 2023 of more than 25 varieties, where the plants have been transported and tested throughout the entire chain. New research will be carried out annually to validate the claim.

The research was carried out for flowering (including repeat flowering) plants of Kalanchoë Garden in patio pots for use in Western Europe in the period from mid-June to the end of September.


The professional research method is presented annually to professionals (exporters and trade). The Kalanchoë Garden will be identifiable with the special ‘100days flowering-label'.

" We are taking Kalanchoë to the highest level "

Product quality

To guarantee product quality, participating growers and plant breeders are actively involved in raising awareness of this aspect of Kalanchoë. The annual flowering test is also repeated with the products of the various growers. Based on the results, the breeders are able to improve their genetics and prevent underperforming varieties from coming onto the market.

The Royal FloraHolland Product Committee (FPC) Kalanchoë monitors the process and the test method.