Kalanchoë garden

Care tips

The Kalanchoë Garden collection is the ideal way to enjoy this amazing flowering succulent outdoors for a whole season. Guaranteed to flower for at least 100 days. More information about the guaranteed flowering time can be found here. You can recognise this collection at your flower shop or garden centre by the label. 

Care stips

Which treatment will give you the most pleasure from your Kalanchoë Garden? Here are some questions and answers about caring for Kalanchoë as an outdoor plant.

Do I put my plants outside with their pot or do I have to repot them?
You can do both! Place your Kalanchoë in a spacious pot or container with other Kalanchoës somewhere in the garden room, on the terrace or in the garden. You can also place your Kalanchoë in the open ground, but wait until all the frost has gone. To be sure that , it’s best to wait until mid-May.

Can I place my Kalanchoë in the full sun?
Certainly you can! Preferably put it in a light place. Kalanchoë even thrives in bright sunlight. It’s a succulent and originates from the steppes in Asia and Africa, so it’s a strong plant!

What does my Kalanchoë need when it comes to water and extra plant food?
It flowers even more abundantly and profusely outdoors than it does indoors. It doesn’t need much water either: a moderately moist soil is perfect. A dash of plant food every month is sufficient.

What do I do with the spent flowers on the Kalanchoë?
You don’t need to remove the spent flowers.

The weather is very nice during the day, but still quite cold at night. What should I do with my terrace Kalanchoë?
In early spring, bring the plants inside when it’s below 10 degrees at night. From mid-May onwards, you can just leave them outside at night. In any case, bring them inside in time for the first night frost. Then you can keep on enjoying them inside the house!

Outdoor plant

Kalanchoë originates from an outdoor plant that could be found on the steppe in various continents. So, originally it was a strong plant. What it doesn’t like is a lot of water. We can guarantee that it will flower even more abundantly outside than inside.