Kalanchoë is a short-day plant. This means that flower buds are formed when the days get shorter. Growers can either make the plant start flowering by shading it out, or they can delay the flowering period by providing additional light. This is why Kalanchoë is available in the trade at various times of the year.


Not all plants are equally green. Kalanchoës are produced in an ecologically responsible way. All Kalanchoë.nl growers are certified with the highest production label MPS (Milieu Project Sierteelt) A. Almost all growers also comply with the international supermarket standard GAP (Global Agricultural Practice), SQ (Socially Qualified) and/or Product Proof. With the colourful Kalanchoë, you can also be assured that the growers comply with the strictest standards of the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI). 100% of Kalanchoë is FSI-proof. This international platform ensures that the cultivation and breeding of Kalanchoës is exclusively FSI-proof. This means that Kalanchoës aren’t just a cheerful guest in the house and garden, but that they’re also good for the planet.

" Green plants deserve green production "