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for the professional

If you are a wholesaler or retailer, you can find relevant and useful information here which you can use to support the purchasing, sales and promotion of Kalanchoës.

Collective promotion Kalanchoë.nl

The collective promotion ‘Kalanchoë.nl’ for the flowering plant Kalanchoë is an initiative of 17 growers and 6 growers from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Denmark, all members of Royal FloraHolland.

The 17 growers of ‘Kalanchoë.nl’ produce and supply a wide and deep range of single-flowered, double Kalanchoë and flowering specialties for both indoor and outdoor use in pot sizes from 6 to 27 cm.

Kalanchoë POS-material

The joint ‘Kalanchoë.nl’ promotion is conducted with a clearly recognisable, fresh joint house style. All joint promotions are recognisable by this house style, in addition to the promotion and communication by the growers themselves with their own house style, labels and/or brands.

If you need a logo, care symbols, visual material or promotional materials, you can obtain them via the button below.